Some more frequently asked questions.

How long does it take to build house extension?

That is depending on a the project type, scope of work and design. Typically once we have planning permission and party wall agreement in place, it takes between 8 to 12 weeks including toilet/bathroom fitting.

Do you need to charge VAT?

Yes, we need to add VAT to the most of the invoices (currently 20%). There are exceptions, but we would need to discuss it with regards to a particular project.

How much does it cost to obtain party wall agreement from neighbours?

That really depends of the type of project and cooperation of neighbours.

The most common situation would be loft conversion or rear extension of terraced house – if your neighbours are willing to help, the party wall agreement may cost nothing (we would help with documents). But if your neighbours insist to involve surveyor, then it could cost up to 1-1.5k per neighbour. It pays off to have a good relationships with your neighbours ;).

Do you offer triple glazing door/windows?

Of course. That is becoming more popular over last years. Although the cost is higher, it does provide extra insulation and reduces energy cost as well extends your boiler lifespan.

What underfloor heating should I use in new extension?

We would highly recommend to use water based underfloor heating for extension, as it is still cheaper to run than electric heating. In downstairs bathroom, as usually needs to be used only in the morning/evening – we would recommend electric underfloor heating with independent thermostat.